Cake Flavours:


Chocolate Mud Cake

White Mud Cake


Velvet Mud Cake

Vanilla Cream Cake

Butter Cream Cake

Lemon Butter Cream Cake

Yam Cream Cake


Cupcakes (size 7) and cake pops Flavours: (ganached, buttercream

or cream cheese)

Chocolate/Chocolate Mud

Vanilla Cream/Butter Cream

Lemon Butter Cream/Yam Cream


Cake Covers: Ganache and Fondant

Frosting: Vanilla/Chocolate Buttercream, Meringue, Marshmallow with piped flowers


Prices applied for all type of:

Cakes (with suggested cover and designs)

2 x 6 (2 layers) $50

2 x 7 (2 layers) $80

9 $70

2 x 9 (2 layers) $130



Any order of 9 comes with 6 free cupcakes of the same flavour and speck of the main design.



Cupcakes (boxed in either window or closed box) - frosted and designed

8 cupcakes $30

10 cupcakes $38 (with 2 cupcakes free)



Cake Pops:

10 cake pops $25 (with 4 cake pops free)